About Us

24 years, 400 productions, 40 plus international and national awards, 1.5 million discs in circulation, 450 million video views and 60 million web page visits. Content development in 23 languages. Reached over 500 million people in 200 countries.

With the objective of developing multimedia titles with digital technology, a partnership firm, namely Indiavision International was formed in May 1995. This was renamed as Invis Multimedia later and full-fledged production was started in March 1996.

In the year 2001, the partners of Invis Multimedia promoted a private limited company under the name Invis Multimedia Pvt Ltd. With Mr.N.R.S Babu as chairman, Mr.M.R Hari as Managing Director, Mr.M.R Ajith, Executive Director and Mr.N.S Lal as Director.

Invis Group has been offering ICT Solutions to prestigious clients. More than 30 innovative digital products were planned and developed in last 24 years. The history of digital media in Kerala began with Invis Multimedia. Since 2001, Invis has been focusing on the digital conservation of the cultural diversity of India. Our websites www. natyasutraonline.com and www.cultureshoppe.com summarise these initiatives.

The initiatives against global warming and climate change were started in the year 2016. The website www.crowdforesting.org summarises them.

Invis Multimedia Private Ltd is also an MSME unit. Today 33% of the shares of Invis Multimedia Pvt Ltd are held by its senior employees.

The content generated by Invis Multimedia in 21 languages is estimated to have reached over 500 million people living in more than 200 countries.

The products and services of Invis Multimedia have bagged around 40 prestigious national and international awards including the Web Ratna Award, National Tourism Awards, Pacific Asia Travel Association Award etc.

Where We Stand (Milestones)

2019 Develops www.crowdforesting.org to fight global warming and climate change.
Launches www.natyasutraonline.com for promoting cultural heritage
2018 Develops digital integrated platform for Kerala Tourism website.
2017 Introduces Blue Tooth Low Energy device (BLE) to make museums barrier free.
2016 Starts promoting Miyawaki method of Afforestation.
2016 Starts 360 degree video production.
2015 Starts E-learning series on Indian heritage and culture.
2014 Publishes Blu-Ray disc on Ayurveda and Yoga for Kerala Tourism.
2013 Starts E-publishing. 
2012 Online Video quiz, new concept for web traffic generation developed and implemented.
2012 Develops virtual video wall for traffic generation on Kerala Tourism website.
2010 Organises live webcast in HD quality for Kerala Tourism.
2009 Starts taking up Digital Marketing for private clients.
2009 Becomes a Certified Marketing Partner of Google.
2007  Starts Indiavideo brand channel on YouTube.
2007 Launches www.Indiavideo.org, an online encyclopedia of India in association with UNESCO's New Delhi office.
2007  Introduces Online Video Greetings, a unique concept in the field of online felicitations.
2006  Develops mobile content and solutions for distributing content on mobiles.
2004  Launches mini CDs customized as Xmas greetings for children, a unique concept in the field of online felicitations.
2003 Publishes Coffee Table book ‘Panchakarma, the Mantra of Rejuvenation’ is published in association with Kerala Tourism.
2003  Publishes DVD series, 'Symphony Celestial' (12 DVDs) on Classical dances forms of India. It covers 10 art forms in 9 languages that also includes English subtitles and is the first of its kind in India.
2003 Completes first online GIS map of Kerala.
2002  Releases Four minute 3D animation movie featuring Christmas Carols is released on mainstream TV.
2002  Publishes DVD series on Kerala Art forms with English subtitles- ‘Know Your Heritage’ is published.
2002  Becomes a partner in UNESCO's Global Alliance for Cultural Diversity.
2001  Releases First comprehensive interactive CD-ROM on Ayurveda, titled ‘Ayurveda: The Mantra of Niramaya’ published in association with Kerala Tourism.
2001  French, German and Japanese language versions of ‘Kerala: The Green Symphony’ published.
2000  Starts publishing music CDs focusing on Kerala's culture and heritage.
2000 Invis Multimedia launches GIS Map of Kerala.
1998  Starts using online videos as a tool for promoting Tourism in Kerala on behalf of Kerala Tourism.
1998  Becomes IT Consultant and Solution Provider for Kerala Tourism. Launches weekly email newsletter at www.keralatourism.org, which is the first e-newsletter in tourism sector in India.
1998 Releases India's first interactive cross platform CD-ROM, ‘Kerala: The Green Symphony’ which is readable on both Windows and Mac Platforms, is released. This is the first comprehensive CD-ROM developed on any state in India.
1996 Formally launches on 'Kerala: The Green Symphony', the first interactive mini encyclopedia
1996 Commercial operations commence in full scale.
1995 India's first Apple-based digital video editing studio opens in the state's capital, Thiruvananthapuram at Invis Multimedia.
1995 Indiavision International is renamed Invis Multimedia.
1995 Indiavision International, a partnership firm for multimedia production, is formed and legally registered in the State of Kerala, Republic of India.