Invis Multimedia considers sustainability as one of the key concepts for a holistic community and ecosystem. As such, it ensures that all its projects adhere to the concepts of sustainability.

CSR Activities

As part of CSR activities Invis Multimedia focuses on the preservation of bio diversity of Kerala. It supports M/s Culture Shoppe Pvt Ltd. to set up Miyawaki forests and protect endangered species of plants

Climate Change

We join hands with our sister concern M/s Culture Shoppe Pvt Ltd and Natures Green Guardian’s Foundation. Invis team has been actively organizing campaigns for the conservation of nature right from the date of commencement of operations. Later the team has moved to active solutions like propagation and implementation of Miyawaki method of afforestation. More than 20 patches of urban forests have been set up so far.

Cultural Diversity

Invis Multimedia has been trying to record and preserve the cultural diversity of India since 2001. Several multimedia titles were produced with this objective. Today most of these contents are available in our video channels. The latest initiative in this series is . This project is mainly for promoting the learning of classical dance forms of India.