1995 - Indiavision International, a partnership firm for multimedia production, is formed and legally registered in the State of Kerala, Republic of India.  
1995 - Indiavision International is renamed Invis Multimedia.  
1995 - India's first Apple-based digital video editing studio opens in the state's capital, Thiruvananthapuram at Invis Multimedia.  
1996  - Commercial operations commence in full scale.  
1996 - Project to develop the first interactive mini encyclopedia on 'Kerala: The Green Symphony' is formally launched.  
1998 - India's first interactive cross platform CD-ROM, ‘Kerala: The Green Symphony’ which is readable on both Windows and Mac Platforms, is released. This is the first comprehensive CD-ROM developed on any state in India.  
1998  - Becomes IT Consultant and Solution Provider for Kerala Tourism. Launches weekly email newsletter at www.keralatourism.org, which is the first e-newsletter in tourism sector in India.   
1998  - Starts using online videos as a tool for promoting Tourism in Kerala on behalf of Kerala Tourism.     
2000 - Invis Multimedia launches GIS Map of Kerala.     
2000  - Starts publishing music CDs focusing on Kerala's culture and heritage.  
2001  - French, German and Japanese language versions of ‘Kerala: The Green Symphony’ published.  
2001  - First comprehensive interactive CD-ROM on Ayurveda, titled ‘Ayurveda: The Mantra of Niramaya’ published in association with Kerala Tourism. Prime Minister of India, Atal Bihari Vajpayee formally launches the title.  
2002  - Becomes a partner in UNESCO's Global Alliance for Cultural Diversity.  
2002  - DVD series on Kerala Art forms with English subtitles- ‘Know Your Heritage’ is published.  
2002  - Four minute 3D animation movie featuring Christmas Carols is released on mainstream TV.  
2003 - Completed first online GIS map of Kerala.  
2003  - Publishes DVD series, 'Symphony Celestial' (12 DVDs) on Classical dances forms of India. It covers 10 art forms in 9 languages that also includes English subtitles and is the first of its kind in India.  
2003 - Coffee Table book ‘Panchakarma, the Mantra of Rejuvenation’ is published in association with Kerala Tourism.  
2004  - Mini CDs customized as Xmas greetings for children, a unique concept in the field of online felicitations, is launched.  
2006  - Mobile content generation and solutions for distributing content on mobiles developed.  
2007 - Online Video Greetings, a unique concept in the field of online felicitations introduced.  
2007 - www.Indiavideo.org, an online encyclopedia of India launched in association with UNESCO's New Delhi office.  
2007  - Starts Indiavideo brand channel on YouTube.  
2009 - Becomes a Certified Marketing Partner of Google. 
2009 - Starts taking up Digital Marketing for private clients.  
2010 - Organises live webcast in HD quality for Kerala Tourism.  
2012 - Develops virtual video wall for traffic generation on Kerala Tourism website.  
2012 - Online Video quiz, new concept for web traffic generation developed and implemented.  
2013 - Starts E-publishing.   
2014 - Publishes Blu-Ray disc on Ayurveda and Yoga for Kerala Tourism.  
2015 - Starts E-learning series on Indian heritage and culture.