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Pioneers in the field of developing digital media content and products, Invis Multimedia was born in May 1995. In the span of two decades we have conceived and realized more than 30 innovative IT projects, most of them being the first of its kind in India. In fact, the history of digital media in Kerala began with Invis Multimedia.

At present Invis focuses on generating relevant and cost effective traffic to websites. We organize primarily web based campaigns for promoting organizations, events or personalities with various digital tools. The areas covered range from art, culture and heritage to travel and health. Documenting the culture and heritage of India is another major area of expertise.

The content generated by Invis Multimedia in 21 languages is estimated to have reached over 300 million people living in more than 200 countries.

The products and services of Invis Multimedia have bagged around 40 prestigious national and international awards including the Web Ratna Award, National Tourism Awards, Pacific Asia Travel Association Award etc.

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